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  • New!

    The CNS is proud to announce that new SANS subscriptions can now be purchased and self-managed. You'll have access through one simple link, which also allows you to manage your institution with ease.

  • SANS ABNS Primary Exam Preparation

    The CNS, your go-to resource for Primary Board Examination preparation, is proud to offer the CNS SANS ABNS Primary Board Examination Review. The ABNS has graciously agreed to allow the CNS to use question stems from the ABNS primary exam question bank in connection with this product, in recognition that the full question bank covers the breadth of what neurosurgeons are expected to master prior to commencement of their chief resident year. 

    Click "Purchase Institution Subscriptions" below to get started. Residents, please work with your program coordinators to purchase a subscription.

  • All software and online education products produced by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, including, but not limited to, software on, in mobile applications or elsewhere are protected by copyright and remain the property of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons.  All rights to such software are reserved by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons.  No part of the software or the content or derivatives thereof may be used without express written permission granted by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons.

    Portions of the Self-Assessment of Neurological Surgery (“SANS CNS ABNS”) contain intellectual property of the American Board of Neurological Surgery and are © 2023 The American Board of Neurological Surgery. Answer keys, critiques, references and other content of the SANS CNS ABNS are © 2023 Congress of Neurological Surgeons.  All rights to the SANS CNS ABNS are reserved by The American Board of Neurological Surgery and/or Congress of Neurological Surgery, as applicable.

  • Managing Your Institution on

    Program Coordinators can now easily manage institutional subscriptions using their CNS login.

    1. Log into using your CNS email address and password.
    2. Click on My CNS in the upper right corner next to your email then select your institution name in the drop-down under Switch To.
    3. Click on the Education header at the top of your screen. Go to SANS for Residency Program Coordinators. Use the Quick Links buttons to access desired information.
    4. When finished, either select your email address from the My CNS account menu to switch back to your personal account or log out of the website.
    5. Click here to download full step-by-step instructions on how to order a SANS subscription, assign access, and print invoice.

    Please contact with any questions.

    My CNS account menu

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