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  • Editor's Note

    Author: Martina Stippler

    A diverse workforce brings diverse perspectives, experiences, and skills to the table and studies have repeatedly shown that groups perform better than the best individuals. While neurosurgery may not have a reputation for being a diverse field, by traditional measures, the breadth of subspecializtion and evolving practice settings have contributed to a continued diversification of the “typical” neurosurgeon profile.  And as I point out in my editorial on page 22, our field has seen a shift in both gender and ethnic demographic makeup in recent years, bringing even more viewpoints to our collective experience.

    In this issue of Congress Quarterly, we take a glimpse into the practices of 16 CNS members and participants to understand the unique challenges and opportunities they encounter. Though they represent only a small sample of our rich and diverse membership, the lessons they have to share will be relevant and impactful for many of our readers—from Jeffrey Tomlin, Taro Kiabara and Tibor Boco’s insights into the unique benefits of their chosen practice settings to Carrie Muh and Pedro Aguillar’s perspectives on balancing practice with family life. I personally found Claire Karekezi and Aneela Darbar’s observations on practicing neurosurgery as a woman to be especially powerful. And the wisdom Sharon Webb, Laura Ngwenya and William Tobler share will resonate with so many aspiring neurosurgical leaders pursuing similar career  paths.

    I hope you enjoy the profiles in this issue and that you see a bit of your own practice reflected back in one of them. Even more so, I hope that this issue opens your eyes to the value of diversity in our field and inspires you to celebrate and encourage greater diversity within your own institutions and practices.

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