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  • CNS Foundation announces Future Women Leaders in Neurosurgery Scholarship
    During WINS 30th Anniversary

    Author: Martina Stippler, MD, FACS

    his year, not only have I served as the Editor of the Congress Quarterly and on the CNS Foundation Board, but I have also had the honor of chairing the Section for Women in Neurosurgery (WINS). I want to share with you an exciting announcement made during the WINS 30th anniversary virtual celebration on Wednesday evening, October 28, 2020.

    Our virtual celebration was well attended, and we had much to celebrate. WINS Chair-elect Ellen Air and I made the announcement: an anonymous donor recently made a generous donation to the CNS Foundation to create the Future Women Leaders in Neurosurgery Scholarship.

    We had begun the lovely evening listening to our indomitable first chair, Deborah Benzil, share her memories as the lone woman in her residency program, recounting that joyful day she first met other female neurosurgeons at a conference. Fast forward thirty years and we are celebrating an anonymous champion who will annually launch multiple women leaders in neurosurgery. What a celebration!

    The CNS Foundation and WINS will collaborate in structuring this scholarship and open the application in early spring 2021. A committee will select between two and four recipients. Each will receive a stipend to attend a leadership course of their choice.

    Although I serve on the CNS Foundation Board, I do not know who this generous soul is; I can only thank them from afar. I am told that the person has been inspired by female neurosurgeons over the years. The donor hopes that this gift will spur more people’s generosity to grow the fund in perpetuity. Ellen Air, I, and many other WINS members immediately added our own generous gifts to the CNS Foundation Future Women Leaders in Neurosurgery Scholarship. To date, the fund has reached $30,000.

    Our goal is to raise $50,000 immediately to maximize the generous matching from the CNS Leadership gift. With every donation doubled, you can partner with the CNS help this fund reach $100,000 to support women in neurosurgery.

    There has never been a better time to give to the CNS Foundation. Please help WINS celebrate the 30th anniversary by supporting the Future Women Leaders in Neurosurgery Scholarship, today!

    To learn more and donate, please visit, or contact Courtney Johnson, Manager of CNS Foundation and Giving at 

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