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  • In the Beginning

    There were 22 Founders and many more who entered into the conversations that led to organizing the CNS. At the first scientific meeting, there were over 100 and now there are several thousand members. How did it all happen?

    First, there was a need for the CNS and second there were the conspirators.

    Some of the early organizers were more active than others. It is possible to name a few persons (some living and some deceased) who might have been justifiably hanged, expelled, excommunicated or disgraced as being the ringleaders of the conspiracy. That act might have made a statement, but there would be others left alive and well to continue the cause.

    The organizers were good listeners. They collated and wrote down ideas that came from everywhere. Some of them became early CNS Presidents. Their personalities changed from a straight to a blend from working intensely together.

    So many ideas came from some many different persons that it was difficult then (and now) to sort out the original author of a particular CNS idea. The organizing group changed frequently and was always expanding as the CNS grew in size and influence.

    Free from any artificial constraints we were able to use the organization as an experimental social laboratory. The CNS also became a training center for future academic, community, and scientific leaders.

    It was a once in a lifetime experience for the CNS organizers and that same experience is repeated for others each year since its founding 1951.

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